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Feb 12, 2013 1:00pm EST
don't have to worry about the debt ceiling? >> not only debt ceiling but last tuesday he put up sequestration. we're not going to come to an agreement, a couple of solutions, kick that can down the road, time to think and talk about it. you saw it grind higher. not real volume. listen, you want them, pay up, we're happy to sell on the way up. >> we're going to talk about apple during the course of the session, course of the program. what is your takeaway from what tim cook said or didn't say today? >> listen, i think it's very interesting this whole conversation with what einhorn has now created with apple. this conversation ensuing. i like apple. i like apple where it is at the moment. >> did you like it all the way down. >> i said a long time ago when it started to crack at 700, you had to be careful. there's so many names we saw at the end of the year, get into it, push and push the way the market got ahead of itself. i fully expect the market will back off some. it needs to some. if you look it up, exactly what it did over couple of months. >> thank you. breaking news in the bond market, three-y
Feb 12, 2013 1:00am EST
not on the debt ceiling but on the sequestration discussion. only with a balanced approach in an orderly way takes care of the alternative minimum tax. it takes care of the other cats and dogs that are out there. can you not have the major disruptions by get to where everybody is where they want to go? they would let you pick one where they do not need to raise revenues or they do not have a spending problem. both are patently incorrect. tomorrow is the state of the union address. the president has an opportunity to use the leadership of his office that only the president of united states can use. i think this is very much open to president obama as he takes to the house. he talks about the desire to work together for a true balanced approach, not a balanced approach that is not balanced. he could be met halfway by john boehner and the house republicans. that saves the country. it is my pleasure to call up my former budget committee chairman. it is nice to be part of a group with people you have read about in history books. this fellow i did serve with. jim nussle. >> thank you.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2